Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome to Trumplandia.

Today, President Trump was inaugurated as our 45th President. The sky didn't fall, the earth didn't open up and swallow us. Fire didn't rain from the skies. In short, my Liberal friends, the world didn't end. However, I have a dose of bracing truth for you. President Trump is your Commander in Chief. Full Stop. Period.

However, for my Conservative friends, I want you to think for just a moment how terrified women, the disabled, Hispanics, Muslims, and every minority group is right now. I want you to honestly, for one minute, try to feel how afraid we are.

But you can't. You've never faced rejection from your family. You've never faced discrimination for your religion. You've never worried about getting whooped up on because you're wearing a hijab. You've never had to uproot your family and move to a new Country that speaks a different language, where people hate you without ever having met you, because you're out picking tomatoes in 100+ degree heat because your Hollister wearing, Converse shod spoiled brat of a child thinks that work is beneath them (Just for clarity's sake, I did work crappy jobs. I've watered and weeded huge greenhouses, I've scrubbed toilets, I've made pizzas, and guess what? Your child was no where to be seen. Some of the hardest working, most honest people I've met are illegal immigrants, and their employers took advantage of them. The laborers had no recourse, so they were forced (yes forced) to work 80+ hour work weeks without just compensation.)

But, I digress. I know you didn't vote for President Trump because you hate Muslims, Mexicans, or women. I know you voted for him because he has promised to bring back jobs. Your choice was pragmatic. But guess what? They aren't coming back. Ever. Oh, and aggressive foreign policy is a bad idea. President Obama wasn't a limp wrist when it came to foreign policy, FYI. His drone program was quite successful. President Obama spoke softly and wasn't afraid to swing a big stick. But now, now we have a Russian puppet. Now we have a cheeto with small hands who doesn't know how to run a Country. Now, we have a xenophobic, Islamaphobic, homophobic, racist, misogynist in office. So your decision was pragmatic. Cool. Now stand up and protect your friends.

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